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Christmas at BYU: Employee holiday traditions

By Jenna Knaupp December 01, 2021
Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat–and BYU employees are staying busy with their special holiday traditions. Check out some of their favorite holiday celebration suggestions and find some new ideas for your Christmas! Read Full Story

Forum: The need for a mass coming together in this moment of crisis

By Jenna Knaupp November 30, 2021
Rev. Dr. William Barber II, American Protestant minister and social activist, delivered the forum address to campus on Tuesday. He spoke on initiating a nationwide moral revival to better support poor and low-wage workers in the United States. Read Full Story

2021 BYU Holiday Event Guide

By Jenna Knaupp November 30, 2021
Festivity, fun and inspiration are everywhere this holiday season, especially at BYU.

Whether you're seeking a family-friendly activity or an enthralling musical experience, there's an event at BYU that's just right for you–and many of them are free of cost. Read Full Story

BYU study: Want to maximize the health outcomes of fasting? Start your fast with exercise

By Christie Allen November 24, 2021
Exercise at the start of a fast can make a big difference. A BYU study finds when participants exercised, they reached ketosis on average three and a half hours earlier in the fast and produced 43% more the ketone-like chemical BHB.
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BYU freshman living out a lifelong dream at BYU thanks to scholarship from the Utah Jazz

By Katie Child November 18, 2021
Education has always been important to the Lopez family. In high school, she worked hard to earn a 4.0 GPA while juggling other extracurricular activities such as being cheer captain, manager of the school soccer team, and member of the student council. She says receiving the scholarship represents something bigger than herself and her hard work.
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Devotional: Take heed and go forth

By Trevor Jones November 16, 2021
Elder W. Mark Bassett, a General Authority Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, delivered Tuesday's devotional address. He spoke on taking care of ourselves and others by remaining connected to God’s pure sources of truth. Read Full Story

BYU student film featured at the world’s largest children’s film festival

By Tyler Stahle November 16, 2021
The film depicts a mother and daughter in the African country of Senegal who work hard to harvest salt by day and enjoy music by night. The short film masterfully highlights the importance of family and joy without the use of dialogue between characters.
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Can heat therapy mimic some vascular benefits of exercise? BYU researchers say yes

By Trevor Jones November 11, 2021
Their research shows that passive heat therapy practically eliminates a near 30% decline in artery health that happens when people, perhaps because due to injury, become less physically active. Read Full Story

Devotional: Six rules for success

By Jenna Knaupp November 09, 2021
Gilbert Fellingham, professor of statistics, delivered Tuesday’s devotional address. As a statistician, coach and Latter-day Saint, Fellingham has a unique view of the world. He spoke on six rules that he’s learned during his career that aid in our temporal and eternal journeys. Read Full Story

Financial insecurity, mental health conditions predict severe loneliness during pandemic

By Christie Allen November 08, 2021
Surveying over 20,000 people in 101 countries from June to November 2020, the research found more than a three-fold spike in severe loneliness overall, with six percent of the sample reporting feeling lonely before the pandemic compared to 21% during.
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