Brent W. Webb
“The product of the mind is our business. [However,] it is more the heart than the mind that defines us," said Academic VP Brent Webb, on success at BYU comes by being thoughtful and heartfelt.
Gilad Cohen
The Barlow Endowment for Music Composition at Brigham Young University proudly announces recipients of its Barlow Prize, General and LDS 2017 commissions.
Clinical psychologist Dr. David Lisak (who was interviewed in Jon Krakauer’s Missoula and The Hunting Ground doc) lent his expertise to BYU. Here, he talks about what he said.   
Dual Task
Software developers listen up: if you want people to pay attention to your security warnings on their computers or mobile devices, you need to make them pop up at better times.
Jeffrey R. Holland
Speaking at the BYU Education Week Devotional, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said the power of faith is the most enduring force in human history.
Kaia Hodgson
“Our lives are shaped by tiny choices,” said Kaia Hodgson. “Although there are some that seem big and important, it’s really the small and simple decisions that we frequently make that have the greatest impact.”
Valen Auna Cox
Valen Auna Cox’s educational path has been anything but traditional. The “perfect” plan she made after high school was quickly derailed by Mr. Right. Now, 40 years later, she is finally walking away with her degree.
Russell Henriksen
Russell Henriksen came to BYU in 1979 but left before earning a degree. Now, after years of wanting, He is renewed with a sense of hope, and a degree, to help shape his future.

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