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Utahns are ahead of the curve in baby-naming trends, but still plenty quirky

By Christie Allen March 30, 2023
Brooks, Hudson, Milo, Oakley, Navy: if you want to predict the top U.S. baby names of 2033, take a look at some of Utah’s popular names in 2023. Although Utahns are known for their one-of-a-kind monikers — such as Treysen or Swayzee — a new book edited at BYU shows that Utah parents have a long history of anticipating mainstream American naming fads.
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Forum: Lessons from the past show how to heal America

By Christie Allen March 28, 2023
Plagued with rising inequality, polarization and social isolation, America is in a tough spot and morale is at a historic low — but we’ve been here before, and our predecessors can show us the way forward, said Shaylyn Romney Garrett in Tuesday’s forum. Read Full Story

Can AI predict how you'll vote in the next election?

By Tyler Stahle March 27, 2023
BYU study proves artificial intelligence can respond to complex survey questions like a real human. Read Full Story

C. Shane Reese named Brigham Young University’s 14th president

March 21, 2023
The Board of Trustees of Brigham Young University has appointed C. Shane Reese as the university’s 14th president. Reese will succeed Kevin J Worthen, who has served as president since 2014. Read Full Story

ForGOT Milk? BYU students address drop in dairy milk drinking with 'legen-dairy' packaging designs

By Todd Hollingshead March 15, 2023
A group of 25 BYU food science, industrial design and graphic design students are helping address the decline in dairy milk consumption by creating more appealing labels and packaging for cow milk.
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Devotional: Beautiful babies blessing the world

By Kailey Marshall March 14, 2023
Elder Johnson, a member of the Presidency of the Seventy for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, told the devotional audience that the Lord sent them to the earth for specific reasons, and for this specific time. Read Full Story

Pornography use at any level harms romantic relationships, says new BYU study

By Tyler Stahle March 09, 2023
Avoiding pornography is vital to developing a healthy and long-term romantic relationship, says a new study from BYU. Read Full Story

Devotional: Spiritual creation

By Kailey Marshall March 07, 2023
After 25 years of producing content for television, Andra Duke has come to realize that the creation process is godly and is an opportunity to share gospel truths. As she delivered Tuesday’s devotional at Brigham Young University, she focused her remarks on the spiritual potential we each have to be the creators of our own lives. Read Full Story

Ancient artifacts uncovered by BYU archaeologists reveal the 'roots of Casas Grandes'

By Christie Allen March 07, 2023
At an excavation site in northern Mexico, BYU archaeology students and professors recently discovered artifacts that have been buried for 1,000 years, including pottery sherds, hammer stones, maize kernels and — intriguing at a location 250 miles inland — a shell bead from the Pacific Ocean.
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Cougar Query: I love the quiet moments spent in the mountains

March 07, 2023
Cougar Queries are a series profiling BYU employees by asking them questions about their work, interests and life. Today, we meet Andra Duke, director of content for BYU Broadcasting. Read Full Story