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Forum: Mammon or marriage?

By Christie Allen November 28, 2023
The 21st-century American trend to prioritize career, money and personal freedom over marriage is deeply misguided, argued W. Bradford Wilcox, professor of sociology and director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, in Tuesday’s forum. Read Full Story

Molecular marvel: BYU study expands scientists’ knowledge of protein folding in cells

By Tyler Stahle November 28, 2023
Thanks to new research from scientists at BYU and the University of Utah Health, researchers now have a more complete understanding of how chaperone molecules direct the protein folding process. Read Full Story

2023 BYU holiday event guide

By Kailey Marshall November 26, 2023
Celebrate the magic of the Christmas season at BYU with festive music and inspiring events. Read Full Story

Gratitude gobbles: How acknowledging God and people can make your Thanksgiving meaningful

By Tyler Stahle November 17, 2023
Gratitude isn't just about listing things you're thankful for; a BYU study suggests expressing thanks to others and to God enhances empathy and indebtedness, fostering a spirit of giving and love. Read Full Story

Study reveals cost, energy needed to pump Pacific Ocean water into Great Salt Lake

By Todd Hollingshead November 16, 2023
A new study by BYU engineers shows just how much it will cost, and how much energy it will take, to save the Great Salt Lake by pumping water in from the Pacific Ocean. Read Full Story

Seeking to tell enlightening stories, BYUtv recognized by seven Emmy nominations, widespread audience growth

By Christie Allen November 15, 2023
BYUtv's diverse programming — which ranges from drama, sketch comedy, reality shows and sports to religious discussions — is deliberately outward-facing. It’s intended in part to uplift people of all beliefs and to share with the world the things BYU values, in a way that only entertainment can. Read Full Story

Devotional: Fear not and return with honor

By Kailey Marshall November 07, 2023
“It would be my hope that each of you would view your entire life as a marvelous university and mission in preparation for your second and most important graduation, that of graduating with honor from life,” said Elder Gary B. Sabin, a General Authority Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as he delivered Tuesday morning’s devotional. Read Full Story

For those at high risk, PTSD may be treatable before traumatic events even occur

By Christie Allen November 06, 2023
New BYU research published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences shows the potential for an improved method that could block PTSD-strength memories from forming to begin with. Read Full Story

BYU student uses the gift of language to bless others

By Shelby Clark November 01, 2023
For first-generation college student Sarah Davila, growing up near the sunny Florida coast consisted of playing on the beach, learning English in school and making traditional Colombian food with her mom. Davila’s parents had moved to the United States a few months before Davila was born, hoping to provide her with a bright future. Read Full Story

Forum: Fulfilling the dream of BYU

By Christie Allen October 31, 2023
At BYU, “we have the great privilege of an education for our whole souls,” said Susan Tanner, former Young Women General President, in Tuesday’s forum. Sister Tanner and her husband, former BYU–Hawaii president John Tanner, delivered a joint address on BYU’s ambitious mission. Read Full Story