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By Todd HollingsheadJuly 08, 2020
Since data shows homeownership is strongly tied to voter turnout this could indicate a potential negative impact on Black voter turnout in 2020. Read Full Story
By Brenna SeemanJuly 05, 2020
Two animated projects from BYU professor Brent Barson were recently accepted into the Communication Arts 2020 Design Annual, a prestigious graphic design journal. Out of the 2,900 total entries, just 126 were accepted. Read Full Story
By Christie AllenJuly 02, 2020
Analysis of former slaves’ narratives: freedom was a family affair Read Full Story
By Natalie IpsonJuly 02, 2020
Brigham Young University Academic Vice President Shane Reese has announced the appointment of Rick Anderson as university librarian at the Harold B. Lee Library. He succeeds Brian Rennick who has been interim university librarian since December 2019 following the passing of university librarian Jennifer Paustenbaugh in November.  Read Full Story
By Aaron SorensonJune 30, 2020
In addition to being one of the top programs in the country, BYU’s advertising department fosters an environment to talk about important issues. Read Full Story
By Christie AllenJune 29, 2020
According to recent BYU research, members of virtual teams identify leaders in significantly different ways compared to members of in-person teams. Read Full Story
By Christie AllenJune 26, 2020
A new study shows a strong correlation between how much women with autistic traits camouflage—hide or compensate for autistic qualities to fit in—and the severity of their mental health concerns. Read Full Story
By Natalie IpsonJune 25, 2020
Replaces Brian K. Evans, who will be retiring from BYU after 20 years of service Read Full Story
By Natalie IpsonJune 21, 2020
Brigham Young University Academic Vice President Shane Reese has appointed Logan Gillette as the interim dean of BYU Graduate Studies, following the appointment of current dean John “Keoni” S.K. Kauwe as the president of BYU Hawaii. Read Full Story
By Cami BuckleyJune 19, 2020
A group of BYU alums and BYU students have created a low-cost, lightweight ventilator that just received emergency FDA approval for use during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read Full Story