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Led by Professor Iain Hunter, researchers at BYU studied top marathon running shoes to discover if one could help runners be more efficient
By June 27, 2019
Researchers from Brigham Young University and University of Utah capture how Cdc48, harvested directly from yeast cells, unfolds proteins. Read Full Story
By June 26, 2019
Accrual time for staff vacation leave to increase, new hires to receive five days sick and vacation leave upon hiring, sick leave accruals to be capped at 480 hours Read Full Story
By Kaylee EsplinJune 26, 2019
Michalyn Steele, associate professor of law, delivered Tuesday's Devotional address in the de Jong Concert Hall. Steele spoke about trusting the Lord throughout times of trial and tribulation. Read Full Story
By Todd HollingsheadJune 23, 2019
New research discovers employees who view pornography aren’t just costing companies millions of dollars in wasted time, they’re causing harm to the company. Read Full Story
By June 19, 2019
BYU Broadcasting stands on the shoulders of giants, according to managing director Michael Dunn. Read Full Story
By June 19, 2019
Although home environments affect the way many feel which, in turn, has the potential to influence family relationships, researchers at BYU recently found that how individuals perceive the space (too crowded or too spread out) in their homes has more of an effect on family functioning than actual characteristics, such as the size of the house or number of bedrooms. Read Full Story
By June 18, 2019
Replaces James D. Gordon III, who is retiring after 35 years of service to the university Read Full Story
By Jayne EdwardsJune 17, 2019
BYU researchers identify three different kinds of helicopter parents Read Full Story
By Todd HollingsheadJune 17, 2019
A multidisciplinary team of BYU chemistry and engineering researchers has been tasked by NASA to develop a system to measure the size and electrical charge of Mars dust — a detail seemingly innocuous, yet critical to the success of human missions to the Red Planet. Read Full Story