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By Christie Allen October 26, 2020
A new BYU study shows that contrary to many assumptions, military service has historically predicted greater civic participation — involvement in formal, purposeful social organizations — later in life. Read Full Story
By Christie Allen October 21, 2020
The cloth masks many are sporting these days offer some protection against COVID-19. However, they typically provide much less than the professional N95 masks used by healthcare workers. That may soon change. Recently, students from BYU’s College of Engineering teamed up with Nanos Foundation to develop a nanofiber membrane that can be sandwiched between the cloth pieces in a homemade mask, increasing efficacy up to 99%.

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By Kaylee Esplin October 20, 2020
Eboo Patel, founder and president of Interfaith Youth Core, delivered Tuesday’s university forum. He spoke on the importance of an interfaith effort to achieve unity. Read Full Story
By Julie Walker October 14, 2020
Catastrophic fires in the West are burning hotter than ever, leaving paths of destruction through both human development and native plant ecosystems. Seed coating technology from BYU is helping restore native plant systems. Read Full Story
By Kaylee Esplin October 13, 2020
Bishop Gérald Caussé, Presiding Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, delivered Tuesday’s devotional address. He spoke about building harmony between our bodies and spirits, which Caussé said is key to finding true happiness both in our mortal existence and in the life to come. Read Full Story
By Todd Hollingshead October 13, 2020
A new BYU study, published in the journal Vaccines, shows that 68% of respondents are supportive of being vaccinated for COVID-19, but concerns remain about side effects, sufficient vaccine testing and vaccine effectiveness.

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By Todd Hollingshead October 08, 2020
Water modeling software created by BYU researchers can predict the rise and fall of every river on the face of the planet. Those streamflow forecasts are now being made available to agencies worldwide to deal with water emergencies. Read Full Story
By Kaylee Esplin October 06, 2020
Candace Berrett, associate professor in the statistics department, delivered Tuesday’s devotional. She spoke about waiting and recognizing the efforts from those around us to lift and strengthen in our behalf. Read Full Story
By Kaylee Esplin October 05, 2020
Cougar Queries is a series profiling BYU employees by asking them questions about their work, interests and life. Today, we meet statistics professor Candace Berrett. Read Full Story
By Todd Hollingshead October 01, 2020
BYU announced today the formation of the new BYU Security Department, which will function separately from and alongside the BYU Police Department. Read Full Story