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The sail before the trail: BYU Library resource documents Latter-day Saint pioneers at sea

By Melissa Jenson July 22, 2024
Discover the remarkable stories of nearly 90,000 Latter-day Saint pioneers' ocean voyages to America, meticulously preserved by BYU's Saints by Sea database. Read Full Story

BYU researchers play central role in state's approval of drought-resistant grass in Utah

By Todd Hollingshead July 17, 2024
In the midst of a sweltering heat wave, the state of Utah this week approved a type of grass that will have a critical impact on future water conservation — and a couple of BYU professors (and their students) have been a key part in making it happen. Read Full Story

Devotional: Illuminating your place in God's masterpiece

By Bitsy Tullis July 16, 2024
“By placing yourself in the hands of the Master Artist, He can transform you,” said Fischio in her devotional address, as she spoke on the journey of becoming who God knows you can become. Read Full Story

New BYU Creamery on Ninth East Building

July 15, 2024
The new building will be located on the west side of the parking lot of the current Creamery on Ninth. Read Full Story

It's not rocket science... it's rocket engineering: BYU's Rocketry Team wins big again

By Todd Hollingshead July 11, 2024
The BYU Rocketry Team and their Utah-inspired rocket named “Alta” got on the podium three times, earning two first prizes and a second-place finish at the 2024 Spaceport America Cup. Read Full Story

Devotional: The covenantal journey of disciple-scholarship

By Bitsy Tullis July 09, 2024
“On our voyage to fully become BYU, the Christ-centered, prophetically directed university of prophecy, we must be meek enough to be teachable while discerning, internalizing and sharing eternal truths,” taught Rick Gill, dean of Undergraduate Education, as he delivered Tuesday’s devotional address. Read Full Story

Cougar Query: Rick Gill

July 08, 2024
Cougar Queries is a series of profiling BYU employees by asking them questions about their work, interests and life. Read Full Story

Devotional: Look for the Light

By Bitsy Tullis July 02, 2024
Ellen Knell, assistant professor and associate director of the Center for Language Studies, centered her remarks on consistent, incremental growth in her devotional address. She taught that regarding our testimonies, it is important to focus on collecting many rays of light rather than one monumental pillar. Read Full Story

Cougar Query: Ellen Knell

July 01, 2024
Cougar Queries is a series of profiling BYU employees by asking them questions about their work, interests and life. Read Full Story

BYU study reveals fireworks’ impact on air quality

By Melissa Jenson July 01, 2024
Fireworks' dazzling displays bring hidden dangers to Wasatch Front air. Read Full Story