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Seizing every good opportunity: A Q&A with the 2023 student commencement speaker

By Christie Allen April 24, 2023
At BYU’s commencement exercises this week, University Honors student Samuel Benson will represent the graduates as the student speaker. Read Full Story

Languages and leadership: How BYU prepared Andrew Bonney to build bridges of connection

By Shelby Clark April 21, 2023
Andrew Bonney speaks Armenian, Arabic, Azerbaijani and Turkish. He is also fluent in the languages of leadership, love and loss. Read Full Story

After ADHD diagnosis, mother of four returns to school to help others with disabilities

By Christie Allen April 20, 2023
Rebekah Kaylor knows personally what it’s like to be burdened with an unrecognized disability. When three of her children were diagnosed with ADHD, she realized that she shared many of their symptoms. She eventually learned that she herself had the same condition, which explained why she’d struggled to complete college as a young adult years before. Read Full Story

BYU Tuition to increase 3% for 2023–24 academic year

April 20, 2023
Brigham Young University will implement a 3% increase for undergraduate tuition for the 2023–24 academic year. This will bring the undergraduate rate per semester from $3,152 to $3,248, an increase of $96. Read Full Story

ChatGPT can’t ace this test, but experts think it soon will… What it means for teaching

By Todd Hollingshead April 19, 2023
An astonishing 327 co-authors from 186 educational institutions in 14 countries participated in a new BYU-led study testing the capacity of ChatGPT to handle university-level accounting exams. They contributed 25,181 classroom accounting exam questions to see if the bot could outscore students.
Read Full Story

Wheatley Institute report: sexual restraint during dating years linked to strong marriages

April 18, 2023
The report reviews a series of recent studies using several different national datasets showing that having multiple sexual partners during the dating years leads to higher divorce rates in future marriages. These studies conclude that the number of sex partners a person has prior to marriage is one of the strongest predictors of divorce in social science research.
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From struggle to strength: How faith and community transformed the life of BYU student Jeremiah Tolento

By Tyler Stahle April 13, 2023
For Tolento, a first-generation college student, the BYU experience was deeper than a world-class education. It was a place that helped him realize his full divine potential – a caring community of faith and friends unlike he’d ever experienced before. Read Full Story

Devotional: Our own best story

By Kailey Marshall April 11, 2023
“Over the years, I have been intrigued by connections that transform our physical world,” Elder Gerrit W. Gong acknowledged during his Tuesday devotional address at Brigham Young University. “For each of us, connection and transformation are also at the heart of our own best story.” Read Full Story

BYU projects show how students are prepared to make an impact on the world

By Tyler Stahle April 11, 2023
From developing creative ways to teach math to planting trees along the Provo River, recent scholastic and civic projects from BYU students prove that an education that integrates faith, emotion, and intellect produces leaders with devoted hearts and purposeful souls. Read Full Story

BYU students shine at 42nd College Television Awards with multiple top accolades

By Tyler Stahle April 05, 2023
The Television Academy Foundation announced the winners of the 42nd College Television Awards or “Student Emmy’s” earlier this week and BYU students once again claimed the top spot in the best animation series and the best commercial. Read Full Story