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BYU: A Community of Learners and Lifters

"This is a vibrant and determined community of learners and lifters. Students, faculty, and staff here are driven by a desire and a strength of mind to learn as fast as they can.

"Their confidence that they can and must improve springs from their faith that they are children of God—who knows all truth and will prosper their efforts to find it. And it comes from a faith that by the Spirit of Christ they can recognize what is good and true.

"It goes beyond learning for ourselves. The vision at the founding was that all here will seek truth not for themselves alone but will also distribute what they have learned to bless others. There is a sign at the edge of this campus: 'Enter to learn; go forth to serve.' That is more than a slogan; it is a main part of the founding vision."

- Henry B. Eyring, first counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Students come from all 50 states and more than 100 countries to be part of the BYU experience.
BYU is widely recognized for its deep commitments to inspired religious values and rigorous intellectual learning.
Forbes ranks BYU at the top of the list of "best universities to work for."  Take a look at current openings.
Guests can take a guided tour of campus via golf cart. Schedule your visit.

Y Facts

Enrollment Profile

Total daytime students: 33,363
Undergraduate: 30,395
Graduate: 2,968
Male/female: 53/47%
Single/married: 74/26%

Freshmen Profile

Applicants: 13,408
Admittance Rate: 53.5%
Total new freshmen: 5,127
Average applicant ACT: 29
Average high school GPA: 3.85


178 undergraduate majors
109 undergraduate minors
68 master's programs
26 doctorate programs

International Reach

International students: 4%
Countries represented: 100+
17% of students study abroad
150 study abroad programs in 56 countries


#1 Accounting program
#1 Best university to work for
#1 Best-value private law school 
#2 Undergraduate entrepreneurship
#3 Graduates with least debt

World Languages

65% of students speak a second language
126 languages spoken on campus
58 languages taught regularly
Certifications available in 10 languages

Top 6 Majors by Graduation

Exercise Sciences
Business Management
Family Life


Students who served missions: 21,560 
Percent of Students who served missions: 65% Men: 15,495
Women: 6,065


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Student Demographics

U.S./International + other: 94/6%
Countries represented: 100+
States Represented: 50
Utah: 35%
California: 11%
Idaho: 5%
Texas: 5%
Arizona: 5%

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Provo: The #CityOfStarts

Provo offers a rising downtown, extensive outdoor recreation, a vibrant music scene and more. At its heart, Provo is a place of beginnings. It's where people meet, collaborate and make big decisions that create a start. Businesses, relationships, careers, and families all start here.

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