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BYU's Marriott School is a hidden gem, says Wall Street Journal

Brigham Young University's Marriott School of Management is a hidden gem, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Ronald Alsop, reporting in the newspaper's Sept. 17 online issue, said recruiters in The Wall Street Journal/Harris Interactive business-school survey named BYU as one of six schools that were singled out in both last year's and this year's ranking of the top 10 hidden gems. The other five were Babson College, Vanderbilt University, Wake Forest University, Indiana University and Rice University.

"Hidden gems are schools that recruiters consider a ripe source of talented M.B.A. hires but that don't receive the attention and respect they deserve," Alsop wrote.

Tying for third on this list with Vanderbilt University, BYU was said to produce "an especially valuable type of graduate these days: the ethical accountant."

Alsop continued, "In addition to ethics and integrity, recruiters gave students very high marks for analytical and problem-solving abilities, communication and interpersonal skills, fit with the corporate culture, and team orientation."

When asked which M.B.A. programs are best for hiring graduates with high ethical standards, recruiters in the survey mentioned Yale University and BYU (in that order) the most.

Alsop said many recruiters are drawn these days to religious universities such as Notre Dame and BYU. Alsop quoted one recruiter as saying, "Our recruiters return to Brigham Young year in and year out because of the school's high ethical standards."

Brigham Young jumped 12 places, to No. 26, in the overall Wall Street Journal/Harris Interactive ranking, according to Alsop.

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