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BYU announces faculty advancements in rank for 2004-2005

Brigham Young University has announced the following faculty advancements in rank, which will become effective Sept. 1, 2004:

BIOLOGY AND AGRICULTURE -- Richard A. Robison, professor, microbiology and molecular biology; and Leigh A. Johnson, associate professor, integrative biology.

DAVID O. McKAY SCHOOL OF EDUCATION -- Betty Y. Ashbaker, Aaron P. Jackson and Lynn K. Wilder, associate professor, counseling/psychology and special education.

ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY -- Paul F. Eastman, teaching professor, mechanical engineering; and Perry W. Carter, associate professor, technology.

FAMILY, HOME AND SOCIAL SCIENCES -- John P. Hoffmann, professor, sociology; Richard B. Miller, professor, family life; Edwin E. Gantt, associate professor, psychology; Daniel L. Nielson and Sven E. Wilson, associate professor, political science; Samuel M. Otterstrom, associate professor, geography; Chris L. Porter, associate professor, family life; and Matthew Spackman, associate professor, psychology.


FINE ARTS AND COMMUNICATIONS -- Edward E. Adams, professor, communications; Stephen M. Jones, professor, music; Joseph Ostraff, professor, visual arts; and Brian C. Harker, associate professor, music.

HEALTH AND HUMAN PERFORMANCE -- Steven R. Hawks, professor, health science

Allen C. Parcell and Todd R. Pennington, associate professor, physical education; and Raymond D. Robinson, associate professor, dance.

HUMANITIES -- Claudia W. Harris and Lance E. Larsen, professor, English; Donald W. Parry, professor, Asian and Near Eastern languages; Walter Whipple, teaching professor, Germanic and Slavic languages; Allen J. Christenson, associate professor, humanities, classics and comparative literature; Corry L. Cropper, associate professor, French and Italian; Dennis R. Cutchins and Eric A. Eliason, associate professor, English; David P. Laraway, associate professor, Spanish and Portuguese; and C. Penny Bird, associate teaching professor, English.

HAROLD B. LEE LIBRARY--Robert L. Maxwell and Kayla Willey, senior librarian; and Rachel Lynn Wadham and Julie J. Williamsen, associate librarian.

NURSING--A. Elaine Bond and Catherine Coverston, associate professor; and

JoAnn Abegglen, associate teaching professor.

PHYSICAL AND MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES -- Merritt B. Andrus, David V. Dearden and Paul B. Savage, professor, chemistry and biochemistry; Parris K. Egbert and J. Kelly Flanagan, professor, computer science; Scott D. Grimshaw and John S. Lawson, professor, statistics; Steven R. Williams, professor, mathematics education; Scott D. Bergeson and Robert C. Davis, associate professor, physics and astronomy; David A. Cardon, Michael Dorff and Eric L. Swenson, associate professor, mathematics; Michael J. Goodrich, associate professor, computer science; and David G. Whiting, associate professor, statistics.

MARRIOTT SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT -- Douglas F. Prawitt and Brian C. Spilker, professor, accountancy and information systems; Ervin L. Black, Theodore Christensen, Douglas L. Dean and Mark F. Zimbelman, associate professor, accountancy and information systems; and Curtis D. LeBaron, associate professor, organizational leadership and strategy.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION -- Terry B. Ball, Dennis L. Largey and Alan K. Parrish, professor, ancient scripture; Arnold K. Garr and Fred E. Woods, professor, Church history and doctrine; Brian M. Hauglid, associate professor, ancient scripture; and Mary Jane Woodger, associate professor, Church history and doctrine.

STUDENT LIFE -- Paul B. Byrd, clinical professor, University Accessibility Center; Jane M. Lawson, clinical professor, Counseling and Career Center; and L. Maureen Rice, associate clinical professor, Counseling and Career Center.

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