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15 inspiring quotes from Women's Conference 2019

BYU's annual Women's Conference came to a close on Friday. Here are some of the inspiring thoughts attendees heard during their classes. 

1. “We must have the courage to be imperfect while striving for perfection….You are so loved. Heavenly Father is aware of who you are and your stresses."

Effectively Dealing with Stress
Kristen C. Betts


2. “When we choose to stay in the church or remain faithful to other sacred covenants, we open a conduit for blessings to flow continuously into our lives and those of our posterity through generations.”

Choosing to Stay
J. Scott Miller


3. “The Atonement is there to help us overcome sin, that is true. The Atonement also applies to our attempts to forgive.”

The Miracle of Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Stan Benfell

4. "As we come to know one member of the Godhead, we come to know all three. They wait with open arms for us to come unto them."

The Godhead: Providing Peace, Guidance, and Assurances
Jeanne Burgon


5. “Loving those that have left the gospel path is letting go of fear, having faith and finding joy….Push away your angry feelings and focus on your love.”

Loving a Child Who Has Left the Gospel Path
Jodi M. Chowen


6. “Nothing is too big for the Savior. Nothing is too much for the atonement.”

Staying Close to the Lord When a Marriage Ends
Andrea Merriman


7. “As we learn, we can create or discover something new or better than we had before….Educating ourselves, whether formally or informally, is the process of becoming [a better self], reaching the potential our Heavenly Father has for us….Your education is vital to becoming who you want to be.”

Education: "Seek Learning, Even by Study and Also by Faith"
Nicole Holley Bay


8. “Learning is essential to our salvation….The Lord will guide our educational pursuits if we always remember our divine purpose in seeking knowledge.”

Education: "Seek Learning, Even by Study and Also by Faith"
Renata Forste

WC Class 2.JPG

9. "When we feel unconnected, when we feel we don't feel the Holy Ghost and can't recognize it, we need to go back to those times when we felt it, go back to the times we felt connected to our Father in Heaven.”

Remembering Our Divine Identity
Jessica Mullen


10. "The Spirit flows in and out of our lives. When we are given the gift of the Holy Ghost, it’s like the knot at the end of a balloon that allows us to keep the spirit in our lives always. "

Teaching Children to Recognize the Spirit
Brad Wilcox


11. “Hope doesn’t merely keep us from sinking. It allows us to soar.”

"Fear Thou Not; For I Am with Thee"
Kristin Gerdy Kyle


12. "As we are helping others achieve happiness, we may not have the answer to fix their problem, but we can travel the path with them."

We Are the Architects of Our Own Happiness
Bryan G. Hopkins


13. “Our ascent to perfection will take a long time — well into the eternities. It can be achieved, but only through the enabling powers of Christ’s grace.”

Trust in God and His Grace
Van Gessel

WC Walking 2.JPG

14. “God’s gracious favor is a personal and intimate thing. He knows you by name. He blesses you individually and singularly.”

Trust in God and His Grace
Cecilia M. Peek


15. “If we are going to make a difference, we have to be willing to talk about uncomfortable things...and the Savior will be our companion on that journey.”

Suicide: Healing and Hope
Klint Hobbs

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