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Name: Don Shelline

BYU employee since: 2010 (private contractor), 2011 (full-time)

My job at BYU is… the BYUradio Station Manager.

Currently I’m working on… expanding BYUradio’s distribution through podcasts, mobile apps and web streaming. We want people everywhere to be able to “talk about good” with BYUradio!

Don Shelline, BYUradio station manager (Credit: Mark Philbrick, BYU Photo)

I'm graduating from BYU this month with a... Master of Arts degree in mass communication.

I wanted to finish school because... but I always felt like there was something missing, something that I needed to finish. That’s one of the titles that our Lord has that I really love – he is the finisher. I started at Utah State University in 1972. I finished a year, went to broadcast school, went on a mission for the LDS Church. I found lots of ways to be successful in broadcasting and advertising, and I didn’t come back to college until 2008, when I went to Dixie State University. Then I came to BYU. I wanted to pursue the degree at BYU because I felt it really meant something. It was difficult – it required deep research – and there were no shortcuts. I love the academic rigor that is required at BYU.

The title of my thesis is.... “The Gratification Niches of Traditional and Digital Radio.” It takes a look at the impact that newer, internet-based forms of radio and audio are having on traditional AM/FM radio, from an ecological niche perspective. I chose to research this topic because it is a real issue that is being addressed by all media. The internet, smart phones, the digital dashboard – all are competing for the attention of radio listeners. And people are more in control of accessing the audio they want, where they want, when they want it. So it’s a field of research that is very top-of-mind for current and future broadcasters and podcasters.

"The Tooth Fairy" ... sparked my interest in my field. In the ‘70s, radio producer Dick Orkin had a radio series on local station KEYY where he portrayed a rather hapless superhero serving as "The Tooth Fairy." I loved the way he created audio pictures, and wanted to try and do that.

Marriage ... changed the way I view... committment ... because... our modern culture views relationships and everything else as rather transient and negotiable. My wife is rock-solid and has a very clear vision of her commitments – and I learned from her to do the same.

When I have 30 minutes of free time, you can find me… creating something in my basement studio. Whether transcribing very old reel-to-reel tapes or building a new song with some keyboards and MIDI tracks, I love audio adventures.

I became a BYU fan when… I was young and I’d come to Education Week with my cousins. (True confession alert: After a few classes, we would break away and have some amazing games of hide and seek in the Harris Fine Arts Center and the Wilkinson Student Center). We also loved bowling and getting ice cream cones at the Wilk.

My most cherished memory at BYU was... in 2014, when I watched my sweet wife walk across the podium and receive her bachelor’s degree in exercise and wellness. She had put her education on hold to raise a family, and I was so grateful she was able to come back and finish at BYU.

On Saturday mornings you’ll find me… riding my bike around the lake by our house, or working out in the yard.

You’ll never find me without… music. On the radio, on my phone, in the car, or just humming a tune as I walk across campus.

The title of my autobiography would be… Service With a Smile.

Credit: Mark Philbrick, BYU Photo

My favorite movie growing up was… It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

Two items on my bucket list are… spending some time in the Rome LDS Temple and learning how to code.

My favorite quote is... “Look unto me in every thought. Doubt not. Fear not.” (Doctrine and Covenants 6:36)

My most embarrassing moment was when… I was managing a group of radio stations that got bought out by another group. At a company retreat, I was asked to give a motivational speech to welcome in the new owners. Things went great until right at the end when I asked for a big round of applause for… our former owners, instead of the new ones. I had to dance a bit to smooth that one over.

My favorite hobby is…​ playing live music in a rock band. It’s a team thing – kind of like playing a pick-up game of basketball, but with instruments.

Words of advice to live by... "Enjoy every sandwich." – Warren Zevon, rock and roll songwriter