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BYU seeks to develop students of faith, intellect, and character. In addition to teaching classes, most BYU professors also conduct research in their academic field. Students – even at the undergraduate level – participate in research and publish their work alongside a faculty mentor. Here are the stories of what they discover together.

You’ve probably already made a few New Year’s resolutions, but new research suggests you better make one more for your health: Cut back on binge-watching.

bottles of Coca Cola in a crate

The big question surrounding this year's list of top BYU News stories: Did the caffeinated Coca Cola announcement make it? 

Joseph Moody

In December 2016, what appears on digital telescopic images to be a star among stars became around 250 times brighter than usual.

Teen Shoveling

A new study from BYU's School of Family Life found that adolescents who exhibited prosocial behavior toward strangers had higher self-esteem a year later. The same was not true for prosocial behavior solely to friends and family.

How effective are in-store free samples when it comes to attracting purchases and loyalty? Do they just provide customers with a free lunch? New BYU research discovers the answer is a definitive yes.

Kevin Moscon and Sydney Corry

BYU Law ranks No. 20 in the nation in a new study that judges law schools on evidence from the students. 

Alzheimers Study

BYU biologists have discovered a rare genetic variant that helps people who should get Alzheimer's remain healthy.

Authors Brandon Sanderson, Charlie Holmberg, and Brian McClellan

Brandon Sanderson’s growing legacy isn’t limited to his literary works. Every year, he spends four months teaching a creative writing at BYU that transforms aspiring authors into very successful professionals.

Laurie Garrett

Laurie Garrett, Senior Fellow for Global Health on the Council on Foreign Relations, discussed the health of the world at Tuesday's BYU Forum.

A trio of BYU professors — health science researchers Josh West, Benjamin Crookston and Cougar Hall — has published new research that finds people are finding mental health apps effective and helpful.