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Brigham Young University professor of ancient scripture Victor L. Ludlow will host the annual Passover Seder Services March 27-28 and April 2, 8, 11, 16 and 24 at 6:30 p.m. in 3228 Wilkinson Student Center, except for the April 2 service that will be in 3220-3224 WSC.

Tickets go on sale Tuesday, Feb. 17, and are $25 for the public and $17 for BYU students, faculty and staff. They are available for purchase at 271 Joseph Smith Building.

In addition, Ludlow will offer a Passover Seder Service Workshop to provide ideas and suggestions for individuals interested in teaching more about or conducting Passover Seder services on their own. The workshop will be Saturday, Feb. 28, at 10 a.m. in 3228 WSC. Tickets are $15, will include a luncheon and will also go on sale February 17 at 271 JSB. A packet of materials will be provided.

For more than 30 years, Ludlow has conducted the Passover celebration at BYU. The experience enriches appreciation of the ancient Old Testament and the modern Jewish celebration commemorating the deliverance of Israel from Egypt.

The Passover Seder Services at BYU includes unleavened bread, bitter herbs and other traditions of Passover, along with a special catered meal.

For more information, call the Passover information line at (801) 422-8325 or Patty Smith at (801) 422-3611.

Writer: Angela Fischer