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Summer stories: What you missed while you were gone


BYU Study: Dirty words in teen flicks getting flushed

What the heck? Swearing in teen movies is on the decline. Three BYU professors looked at the top teen movies from the last three decades and found that profanity has been cut in half in those films.

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BYU student’s project takes him to immigration’s home front

The immigration issue is often focused on the immigrants themselves and the impact on American society, which makes Jared Wilkerson’s undergraduate research experience stand out.

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How termites help build structures

BYU student engineers teach Mozambicans novel construction method

BYU student engineers were challenged to create a low-cost, sustainable building material for impoverished villagers in Mozambique. They turned to an unlikely source for their creative solution, which they have since traveled to the African nation to implement.

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Flipping the brain’s addiction switch without drugs

Researchers have found a way to get rats hooked without giving them any drugs. Instead they use a naturally occurring protein that they show plays a critical role in becoming drug dependent. The finding may suggest ways to medically counteract drug and alcohol addiction.

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BYU hybrid race car team wins national design awards

Brigham Young University student engineers won two first-place awards at an international hybrid car design competition in New Hampshire. The team’s hybrid impressed both judges and contestants with its unique hydraulic system.

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Babies understand dog-speak, BYU study finds

New research shows babies have a handle on the meaning of different dog barks – despite little or no previous exposure to dogs.

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Study: Bankruptcy Rates Reflect Policy, Not People

What do high bankruptcy rates in states like Tennessee and Utah tell us about the people that live in those places? Not much, according to a new 50-state bankruptcy study published in the Journal of Law and Economics.

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Political blogs more accurate than newspapers, say those who read both

Plus: Political reporters aware of blogs on the right but follow blogs on the left

People who closely follow both political blogs and traditional news media tend to believe the content on blogs is more accurate, according to research by a Brigham Young University political scientist.

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