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Office of Information Technology upgrades IP Phones

The Office of Information Technology implemented the latest version of the IP Phone Call Manager Friday, June 27.

This upgrade generated the following changes to every IP Phone:

1. Ring selection returned to the default

2. Volume selection returned to the default

3. Directory listings were cleared for Missed Calls, Received Calls and Placed Calls

"The upgrade was a success," said Brad Stone, Customer Relations Director in the Office of IT. "Downtime on campus phones was a lot less than expected. From the time we said we wanted to do the upgrade, it took us one month to get ready. There is so much coordination that takes place before the rollout."

This upgrade provides new functionality, more stability and additional personal preference options including:

* CallBack (similar to the ROLM telephone camp feature)

* Distinct Ring Tone for Each Line Appearance

* Call Waiting Notification Options

* Shared Voicemail Boxes

* Call Notification (for multiple-line telephones)

* Text Labels on Line Appearances

Detailed information regarding how to use these new features can be found at If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of IT at 378-4000.

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