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“In these latter days, gospel principles will be attacked and those attacks may come through seemingly rational arguments,” said Steven M. Glover, associate dean of the Marriott School of Management at Tuesday’s BYU Devotional.

When those rational arguments lead to questions and doubts, is it possible to have sure faith in the gospel? Glover made the case that in addition to using the scientific method—a rational process—to obtain evidence and knowledge, we can use “extrarational” methods such as obedience, action and observation to gain firm spiritual knowledge through contact with Godly things and revelation. 

If you missed Glover’s address, it can be streamed on demand at and will be available on

Join us at next week’s forum on Tuesday, May 20, at 11:05 am, in the de Jong Concert Hall to hear from John Lamb, a Maeser Distinguished Faculty Lecturer from the Department of Chemistry, for his address titled, "All Ye Need to Know."

Writer: Paige Montgomery