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April 25, 2018 | Jon McBride
Social stories from Brigham Young University's graduation festivities

I used to think that the pinnacle of adulthood and independence was embodied in the privilege of eating out of your own peanut butter jar with a spoon whenever you wanted. Obviously, I was a kid then. Now that I’ve gone through four years of academically rigorous schooling—ultimately studying English literature, although I flirted with acting, studio art, journalism, dietetics, sociology, Greek, and linguistics—have published or contributed to half a dozen publications in the life sciences, psychology, law, travel, and philanthropy, completed a handful of excellent internships, and am graduating with honors after creating a soon-to-be-launched podcast for my honors thesis, I realized that kid me was absolutely, irrefutably right. #byugrad #graduation #adulting

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Being a college grad is rad (Thanks @gettsmg for the pics )

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More graduation pics #byugrad #foreverfamily

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Hats off to the weekend!

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So proud #byugrad

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I MADE IT #byugrad

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Looking to the future because I GRADUATED. #timeforanap #byugrad #cfacgrad

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Graduation snitches BYU media arts/film degree comin at cha.

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Done. Off to send humans to Mars. #BYUgrad #SpaceX

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I love this school. I love these people. I’m honored to be a #byugrad #byumarriottgrad

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Not gonna lie, I didn’t love EVERY minute I had at BYU. Midterms every week, 8 AM classes, homework all day every day, group projects, RB stairs, forever long GE’s.... BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was able to develop work ethic, gain knowledge- not just intellectually, but spiritually and culturally- learn how to better serve those around me, understand my purpose in this world and come to know how to be an instrument in the Lords hands. It’s beautiful how we progress through the challenges we face in life. I’m grateful for the endless support and love of my family. And 100% couldn’t of done it without my bestest friend. Turns out, I got myself two Bachelors while at BYU #byugrad

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When you’re done with school 5ever #byugrad : @kandjdiaries

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Avenleigh’s already got her eye on the prize #BYUGrad

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#proudwife #byugrad

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Going places. Thank you @brighamyounguniversity!

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Just your ever so slightly above average #BYUgrad

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It's all downhill from here! #byugrad

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Done with finals. Next:

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Congrats to this couple graduating together! #byugrad #graduation #gradphotos

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