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Plan will include a change in parking for Heritage Halls residents and the availability of more family housing at Wyview Park

The Office of Residence Life and Student Family Housing met last night with some of the residents of Wymount Terrace to discuss plans to put additional university parking at the site of Quad 1 and the Wymount Terrace Administration Building.  Because of the expansion of the Harman Building and Conference Center, the limited parking currently available to Heritage Halls residents will need to be moved to a new lot located at the south end of Wymount Terrace.

“The expansion of the Harman Building and Conference Center will allow for a consolidation of employees who work for the Division of Continuing Education into one building,” explained Julie Franklin, director of Residence Life.  “It is also anticipated to bring a higher demand for parking by patrons of the building.  The current parking available to Heritage Halls residents near the Harman Building and Conference Center will be moved into a new lot created in the area of Quad 1 and the Wymount Terrace Administration Building.”

The new lot, just like the current one, will only offer a limited number of parking stalls. “Heritage Halls was designed to maximize the pedestrian nature of campus,” Franklin said.  “Students who contract for Heritage Halls are informed about the limited remote parking available to residents.”

Although the Wymount Terrace buildings will need to be removed to accommodate the construction, residents of Quad 1 will be able to remain in their apartment through the end of May 2018 when the Provo School District academic year concludes. 

This announcement will not require any immediate moves of residents in Quad 1.  “BYU is very sensitive to the disruption this could be to our students and their families,” Franklin said. “For this reason, residents will be able to stay in their apartments through fall and winter semesters and until the end of the public school year.” 

In order to accommodate the same number of families in on-campus housing, 36 apartments in Wyview Park, which have been previously used for single students, will be available for student families beginning the end of May 2018.

Residence Life has also taken steps to facilitate a smooth transition for student families in Quad 1 who wish to continue living in on-campus family housing after the end of May 2018. This information has been provided to all current residents of Quad 1.

Many of the services currently offered at the Wymount Terrace Administration Building will be relocated to other areas in Student Family Housing.