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BYU lists faculty advancements in rank for 2006-2007

Brigham Young University has announced the following faculty advancements in rank for the 2006-2007 academic year:

  • Biology and Agriculture—Duke S. Rogers, professor, integrative biology; Mark C. Belk, professor, integrative biology; Craig Coleman, associate professor, plant and animal sciences; Allan M. Judd, professor, physiology and developmental biology; Lynn V. Ogden, professor, nutrition, dietetics and food science; Steven L. Peck, associate professor, integrative biology.

  • David O. McKay School Of Education—Julie M. Hite, associate professor, educational leadership and foundations; Richard R. Sudweeks, professor, instructional psychology and technology; Janet R. Young, associate professor, teacher education.

  • Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology—Richard Fry and Steven L. Shumway, associate professor, technology; Barry M. Lunt, professor, technology; Michael D. Rice, professor, electrical and computer engineering; Karl F. Warnick, associate professor, electrical and computer engineering.

  • Family, Home and Social Sciences—Claudia Clayton, associate teaching professor, psychology; Renata T. Forste, professor, sociology; Larry Nelson, associate professor, family life-MFHD; J. Matthew Shumway, professor, geography; Patrick Steffan, associate professor, psychology.

  • Fine Arts and Communications—Garold Barton, professor, visual arts; Peter Everett, associate professor, visual arts; Rosalind Hall, associate professor, music; Gayle Lockwood, associate teaching professor, music; Thomas E. Robinson II, associate professor, communications; Linda Sullivan, professor, visual arts.

  • Health and Human Performance—Diane Chamberlain, teaching professor, exercise sciences; Patti A. Freeman, professor, recreation management and youth leadership; Rosemary Thackeray, associate professor, health science.

  • Humanities—R. Kirk Belnap, professor, Asian & Near Eastern languages; Mark Davies, professor, linguistics and English language; George B. Handley, professor, humanities, classics and comparative literature; Daryl P. Lee, associate professor, French and Italian; Brett C. McInelly, associate professor, English; Marc L. Olivier, associate professor, French and Italian; Kerry Soper, associate professor, humanities, classics and comparative literature; Gregory Stallings, associate professor, Spanish and Portuguese; Melvin J. Thorne, teaching professor, linguistics and English language.

  • J. Reuben Clark Law School—John Fee, professor; Carl Hernandez, senior faculty administrator; Mary H. Hoagland, senior faculty administrator.

  • Harold B. Lee Library—J. Michael Hunter and Thomas C. Wright, senior librarian.

  • Nursing—Kent Blad, associate teaching professor.

  • Physical and Mathematical Sciences—Philip R. Brown, associate teaching professor, chemistry and biochemistry; Eric G. Hintz and Eric W. Hirschmann, associate professor, physics and astronomy; Tyler J. Jarvis, professor, mathematics; Charles Knutson, associate professor, computer science; Matthew R. Linford, associate professor, chemistry and biochemistry; Perpetua Lynne Nielsen, associate teaching professor, statistics; Kent E. Seamons, associate professor, computer science; Daniel Siebert, associate professor, mathematics education; Barry M. Willardson, professor, chemistry and biochemistry; Adam T. Woolley, associate professor, chemistry and biochemistry.

  • Religious Education—Steven C. Harper, associate professor, Church history and doctrine; Ray L. Huntington and Clyde J. Williams, professor, ancient scripture; Stanley A. Johnson and Byron R. Merrill, teaching professor, ancient scripture; Jerome M. Perkins, teaching professor, Church history and doctrine; Thomas A. Wayment, associate professor, ancient scripture.

  • Marriott School of Management—John A. Barrick and T. Jeffrey Wilks, associate professor, accountancy; David M. Cottrell, teaching professor, accountancy; Todd Mitton and Keith P. Vorkink, associate professor, business management.

  • Student Life—Mark E. Beecher, associate clinical professor. If you have any questions about this list, contact Richard N. Williams, associate academic vice president-faculty, at ext. 2-3567.

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