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BYU faculty receive advancements in rank for 2003-2004 academic year

Alan L. Wilkins, academic vice president at Brigham Young University, has announced the following faculty advancements in rank for the 2003-2004 academic year:

COLLEGE OF BIOLOGY AND AGRICULTURE: Phil S. Allen, professor, Plant and Animal Sciences; Susan Cockayne, teaching professor, Microbiology and Molecular Biology; Edwin D. Lephart and Dixon J. Woodbury, professor, Physiology and Developmental Biology; Susan Fullmer, associate teaching professor, Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science; Michael F. Whiting and Loreen A. Woolstenhulme, associate professor, Integrative Biology.

DAVID O. McKAY SCHOOL OF EDUCATION: Steven J. Hite and E. Vance Randall, professor, Educational Leadership and Foundations; Marie Tuttle, teaching professor, Teacher Education; Christopher Dromey, associate professor, Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology; Scott E. Ferrin and Clifford T. Mayes, associate professor, Educational Leadership and Foundations.

COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY: Spencer Magleby, professor, Mechanical Engineering; Fernando S. Fonseca and E. James Nelson, associate professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; R. Daniel Maynes and Tracy W. Nelson, associate professor, Mechanical Engineering.

COLLEGE OF FAMILY, HOME AND SOCIAL SCIENCES: Ignacio Garcia, professor, History; Elaine Walton, professor, Social Work; Darren Hawkins, associate professor, Political Science; Dawson Hedges and Scott Steffensen, associate professor, Psychology; Shawn W. Miller, associate professor, History.


Bethanne Andersen, associate professor, Visual Arts; R. Steven Call, associate professor, Music.

COLLEGE OF HEALTH AND HUMAN PERFORMANCE: Michael D. Barnes and Brad L. Neiger, professor, Health Science; Pamela Musil and Colleen N. West, associate professor, Dance

ATHLETICS: Timothy J. Powers, athletic professional, Men's Athletics; Robert L. Bosco and Mark T. Robison, associate athletic professional, Men's Athletics.

COLLEGE OF HUMANITIES: Daniel C. Peterson, professor, Asian and Near Eastern Languages; Larry V. Shumway, professor, Humanities, Classics and Comparative Literature;

Devin N. Asay, associate research fellow, Humanities Research Center; Edward S. Cutler, associate professor, English; Mara Garcia, associate professor, Spanish and Portuguese; Jill Terry Rudy, associate professor, English.

J. REUBEN CLARK LAW SCHOOL: Brett G. Scharffs, professor; John E. Fee, associate professor.

HAROLD B. LEE LIBRARY: Karen Ann Griggs and Lanell Rabner, associate librarian.

MARRIOTT SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT: Kristen B. DeTienne and Jeffrey H. Dyer, professor, Organizational Leadership and Strategy; Monte R. Swain, professor, Accountancy and Information Systems; Scott L. Summers, associate professor, Accountancy and Information Systems.

COLLEGE OF NURSING: Debra Ann Mills, associate teaching professor.

COLLEGE OF PHYSICAL AND MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES: Gregory F. Burton, professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Michael J. Dorais and David G. Tingey, research professor, Geology; Quinn O. Snell, associate professor, Computer Science; Lara Wolfson, associate professor, Statistics; Brian F. Woodfield, associate professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: Paul Y. Hoskisson, professor, Ancient Scripture; Dennis A. Wright, professor, Church History and Doctrine.


Richard A. Moody and Barbara Morrell, associate clinical professor.

Writer: Cecelia Fielding

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