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Alan L. Wilkins has been appointed the new director of the BYU Faculty Center by Academic Vice President Brent W. Webb. Since 2008, Dr. Wilkins has been serving as an associate director in the Faculty Center, which provides support for BYU faculty across the spectrum of their responsibilities and over the course of their careers. He will assume this new position on August 1, 2014. Dr. Wilkins replaces David Whetten, who is retiring after serving for 18 years as director of the Center.

“Given his strong credentials and extensive experience working with faculty, Dr. Wilkins will provide outstanding leadership for this important university resource,” said Webb. “In turn, the university expresses deep gratitude to Dr. Whetten for both the quality and longevity of his service. Generations of new faculty have benefited from his energetic focus on faculty development.”

After earning BA and MBA degrees from BYU in 1972 and 1974, respectively, Dr. Wilkins earned a PhD from Stanford University in 1979. He joined the BYU organizational behavior faculty in the Marriott School of Management in 1978, and he was chair of the Department of Organizational Behavior prior to his appointment in 1994 as associate academic vice president for faculty. In 1996, Dr. Wilkins was appointed by President Bateman as academic vice president. In 2004, Dr. Wilkins left BYU to serve as mission president in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission.

Dr. Wilkins’ research on corporate myths and organizations as sub-cultures has been published in several of the top journals of his field and has received national media attention from such publications as Dun's Review (Dun and Bradstreet), The Wall Street Journal and Fortune magazine.