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Six more must-take elective classes at BYU

With so many elective classes at BYU, which ones are worth taking? We explored that question a few years ago by picking out some of the must-take electives on campus. We’re back with six more well-loved classes you can add to your schedule.

1. Principles of Makeup

makeup kit

TMA 267
Taught: Fall/Winter
About: This class isn’t just for theatre majors! Anyone can learn from this introduction to basic makeup application for the stage and screen. Techniques explored in the class include corrective, glamour, aging and stylized approaches; simple special FX; and facial hair and wig application.

2. Survey of Eastern Religions
REL C 358
Taught: Fall/Winter

religious statue

About: This class spends more time looking at some of the Eastern religions the World Religions course covers. World Religions isn’t a prerequisite for the course, but if you loved that class, this will provide even more opportunities to learn! The course introduces the history, beliefs, practices and sacred texts of Hinduism, Janism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Confucianism, Doaism and Shinto. Students also find comparisons between these religions and their own religious beliefs and practice.

3. Web Publishing

student at computer desk

Taught: Fall/Winter
About: If you’re looking for a practical, hard skill for your resume, you’ll find it in the digital humanities and technology classes. This class provides an overview and introduction to web programming as a form of expression. The class teaches HTML, CSS and some JavaScript. If you aren’t ready to jump straight into programing languages, you can try out DIGHT 230, Introduction to Print Publishing, which will walk you through some basic design principles and professional desktop publishing applications like Adobe InDesign.

4. Beginning Polynesian Dance

Polynesian dancers

Taught: Fall/Winter
About: This class explores and teaches selected Polynesian dance forms from Hawai’i, New Zealand, Samoa, Tahiti and Tonga. In addition to learning dance techniques, students will learn a little bit about each culture that the dances come from, including the myths, legends and stories behind the dances.

5. English Department Reading Series
Taught: Fall/Winter

student holding book between library shelves

About: This one-credit class is set up like a lecture series: a new presenter comes in each week to share their work with the class. But instead of presenting about their academic research or business experience, the writers who come to this series read from their own creative works. The class has weekly readings of poetry, essays and other types of fiction by distinguished creative writers from around the country. After the reading, students are invited to a small book signing with the author. In winter semester 2020, the class will hear from Kirstin Chen, Clint Peters and Kara Van De Graaf.

6. Introduction to Global Women’s Studies
GWS 222
Taught: Fall/Winter/Spring

students discuss a reading in the Globa Women's studies class

About: Women’s Studies classes are now Global Women’s Studies (GWS) classes at BYU. This introductory course explores some of the most important issues affecting women’s lives. It also presents contributions made by women nationally and internationally. The course includes historical, sociological, psychological, theological, cultural and other approaches to contextualizing these issues. The class is designed to help students make informed choices based on an understanding of the role gender plays in relationships and society.

BYU launched a new category of student wellness (SWELL) classes in Fall Semester 2019. If you’re looking for a class like bowling or soccer, they’re still there. There were also a few new classes offered for the first time in Fall 2019 (SWELL 101R) — like indoor rock climbing, pickleball, barre and meditation. Sound fun? They're adding ultimate frisbee for Winter 2020. Put one into your schedule for next semester!

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