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Brigham Young University CFO and Administrative Vice President Brian Evans announced this week that Brad Taylor has been named the new assistant administrative vice president responsible for the Human Resources department, and that Carr Krueger has been named the new assistant administrative vice president over Auxiliaries and Programs.

Current Assistant Administrative Vice President over Human Resource Services Forrest Flake is retiring at the end of February to serve an LDS mission to Belize with his wife.

Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor

Taylor was most recently a senior consultant and vice president at DecisionWise Inc. in Springville, Utah. In 2015, he retired from General Mills after 30 years in human resource management.

“Brad brings a remarkable reservoir of experience across all Human Resource disciplines," said Evans. "He has managed HR functions in various U.S. and foreign locations, and is accustomed to promoting employee engagement and innovation within a diverse workforce.”

Taylor earned both an MBA and a bachelor's degree in organizational psychology from BYU. He received the William G. Dyer Distinguished Alumni Award as well as several other professional awards at General Mills. Taylor has also served as the BYU MBA Advisory Board Chairman and has served in many local civic and humanitarian organizations.

Carr Krueger
Carr Krueger

Krueger will be responsible for BYU Dining Services; the BYU Store; Personal, Entertainment and Retail Support Services (PERSS); the Administrative Solutions Group; and the services provided by BYU to the Missionary Training Center.

“Carr comes with an extensive background in consulting," Evans said. "He has experience in a broad variety of industries, analyzing client challenges and performance, training consulting personnel and delivering expert solutions.”   

Krueger was most recently executive vice president of human capital at Hitachi Consulting in Seattle, Washington, where he worked for seven years. He also worked at Arthur Andersen from 1986 to 2002 in financial auditing, economic and financial consulting and as a partner in business consulting.

Krueger recently completed a Masters of Human Resource Management at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations. He previously earned a bachelor's degree in accounting and a master's degree in information systems at BYU. Krueger is a certified fraud examiner and a certified public accountant. 

Krueger served as president of the BYU Alumni Association from 2006-2008, president of the Marriott School of Management Alumni Association and president of the BYU Management Society, Seattle Chapter, among numerous other civic and professional organizations.