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January 08, 2013 | Cecelia Fielding

The College of Life Sciences at Brigham Young University will host a free nutrition seminar, “Portion Size Me,” presented by Jim Painter Thursday, Jan. 17, at 11 a.m. in the Joseph Smith Building Auditorium.

Painter, a professor in the School of Family and Consumer Sciences at Eastern Illinois University, produced a documentary film, “Portion Size Me,” which follows two college students eating exclusively fast food for 30 days. It was featured on CBS's "Early Show" and in journals and magazines including the Journal of the American Dietetic Association and Glamour.

This seminar is designed to help the audience become more aware of their total food consumption, show environmental factors that lead to over-consumption and identify techniques that will help individuals track consumption and reduce weight.

Painter worked with Marriott Corporation in the 1980s, taught at the University of Illinois in the 1990s before teaching at Eastern Illinois University. He is the director of nutrition research for the California Raisin Marketing Board and an associate for Apicius — The Culinary Institute in Florence, Italy.

He received his master's degree from Oklahoma State University and a doctorate from the University of Illinois. Painter has been a registered dietitian since 1980 and is a member of the American Dietetic Association. He serves on advisory boards for Paramount Farms Pistachio Health.

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Writer: Hwa Lee