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New Provo City clean air effort aimed at improving air quality

This year Provo City launched a new website to encourage residents throughout the valley to do their part in keeping Utah County’s air clean. At BYU we are committed to improving air quality and we want to help students and faculty join the cause too.

To find out how you can get involved, check out and look through the tips. Here are a few quick pointers from the website:

  1. Buy a Cleaner Car: Ask your local auto dealer for more information about cars with higher smog ratings.
  2. Drive Less: Take the bus and shuttle, ride the train, walk or bike.
  3. Make Your Home Low-Emission: Examine your furnace and water heater, which will soon overtake cars as our primary emission source.

While Utah Valley’s air is clean much of the year, pollutants regularly exceed healthy air standards during winter months (think inversion) and also at times in the summer. Provo City, with help from Envision Utah, developed the Provo Clean Air Toolkit to help address these growing pollution concerns.

With more than 30,000 students and roughly 5,000 employees, BYU can be a significant force for good in protecting our air quality. Take a look at to see how you can help.