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A Brigham Young University student earned a new iPad for blogging about current global issues, thanks to the partnership between The New York Times and the David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies.

This fall, the David M. Kennedy Center invited BYU students to join a conversation about global issues through the WordPress blogs Kennedy Live and Global Diplomacy.

Clayton Conley, an economics major from Provo, spent a semester following international affairs like the Libyan aftermath, Europe's economic crisis and U.S. foreign policy around the world. He was recognized for his consistent, insightful and substantive comments involving news stories and analysis from the Times.

"Since macroeconomics is a policy-driven approach to understanding the intricacies of international affairs, reading the newspaper helped not only increase my global awareness but opened my eyes to how the policies are applied," Conley said.   

Cory Leonard, assistant director of the David M. Kennedy Center, said the center recognizes that number of gratis newspapers at the Herald R. Clark Building does not supply the entire campus and invites students to find online news sources.

“We hope everyone would make time to become better informed and engaged in the world outside our regular disciplines, activities and scope.”

Students from any major are invited to visit the Kennedy Center and pick up the New York Times daily, Monday through Friday. They are also encouraged to join the conversation on the blogs, via Facebook (David M. Kennedy Center) or on Twitter (#kennedylive).

For more information, contact Cory Leonard at or at (801) 422-2980.

Writer: Hwa Lee