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Changes made to BYU repeat and withdrawal policies

In order to assist students in their progress toward graduation, bring the university into compliance with new federal Title IV regulations and ensure students’ continued access to Federal Pell grants and Federal Stafford loans, BYU has modified its repeat and withdrawal policies:

Repeat Policy (effective fall 2011)

Students may repeat any course taken at BYU: however, all grades will be averaged into the grade point average (GPA) and all credit will be counted. BYU does not remove the previous credit or grade from the transcript or the GPA calculations once a class has been repeated.

University Guidance: The effective date of fall semester 2011 allows students one year to repeat courses under the current policy. However, in accordance with federal guidelines, effective immediately, students who repeat a course may find their Title IV financial aid (Pell grants and Stafford loans) reduced. Students receiving federal aid and who need to repeat a course are strongly encouraged to seek counsel from financial aid personnel. (Students whose federal aid could be affected by this new regulation will be notified during each enrollment period in the coming academic year so that appropriate alternatives can be evaluated.) All courses with an R-suffix (e.g., Geol 490R) are unaffected by this change.

Withdrawal Policy (effective immediately)

Students may withdraw from classes through the 10th week (50th day) of a semester and the 5th week (25th day) of a term for any reason.

University Guidance: Students who withdraw from a class after the add deadline will have a W posted to their academic transcript. Students should be aware that all Ws will remain permanently on the transcript, as they do currently. Students should use this option sparingly and only after considering the potential impact withdrawing from a class may have upon personal finances, graduate school applications, future employment, etc.

Students and faculty may contact the college advisement centers or the Financial Aid Office (ext. 2-4104) or the Registrar’s Office (ext. 2-4530) if they have questions regarding either policy change.


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