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Story Highlights
  • BYU's car sharing fleet includes two Mazda 3s and two Ford Escapes
  • Vehicles can be rented for $8 (Mazda) or $9 (Ford) an hour
  • Students and employees at least 18 years old with a valid license can qualify
Students and employees can sign up to rent one of four cars on campus

Car sharing has rolled onto BYU’s campus just in time for fall semester.

With this program, students, faculty and employees can sign up to rent one of four designated vehicles on campus for short periods of time.

“This program is designed to help the many students and employees who don’t bring a car to campus,” said Brian Evans, BYU Administrative Vice President and CFO, who, along with other members of the President’s Council, has signed up for the program. “Other universities report positive responses to this program.”

The fleet of vehicles includes two Mazda 3 four-door sedans and two Ford Escape SUVs.  Users will pay $8 an hour to rent a Mazda 3 and $9 an hour to rent a Ford Escape. The $8 or $9 hourly rental fee includes 24-hour roadside assistance, insurance coverage for the driver and gas for up to 180 miles per day.

To qualify for the car sharing program, students and employees must be at least 18, have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. Interested individuals can apply on the Hertz On Demand website, which can be accessed from the BYU Homepage by clicking the “Students” tab, then the Services tab and then selecting “Car Sharing” from the drop down menu. The Hertz On Demand website will guide users through the application, qualification and reservation processes.

Once registered and qualified, users will receive a key card that can be used to access the vehicles, after making a reservation.  Participants can reserve vehicles through mobile phone applications or online. When finished with the car, drivers need only return the vehicle to the original parking spot.

“I don’t have a vehicle so I think it’s great that this car sharing program is available to students like me,” said Carolyn Lake, a junior majoring in political science. “I plan on signing up and trying it out.”

BYU’s four car sharing vehicles each occupy a dedicated parking stall on campus. One is parked in a central area of the new Heritage Housing, another sits directly in front of the Cannon Center, a third is next to the visitor parking booth in the lot east of the Wilkinson Center, while the fourth has a spot south of campus, across the street from the duck ponds.

Students who sign up for an account with Hertz On Demand can also access vehicles anywhere in the country where the program is offered.