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Ed Eyestone, Director of BYU Track and Field, spoke at the BYU Devotional on Tuesday afternoon about the importance of finding great role models and mentors.

"One of our great challenges as students and faculty is to find great role models and mentors...and to learn from their accumulated wisdom," Eyestone said.

Taking direction can be a challenge because of our pride, he said.

"Ultimately, taking direction well requires us to trust in the director," said Eyestone. "When we trust in the director, we check our pride at the door and become humble. It is only then that we truly maximize our learning potential."

We have a great challenge to find great mentors and learn from what they can teach us, he said. 

"I would challenge us all to take a personal inventory of some of the small things we can work on in the coming months that will help break us from the spiritual, mental and physical plateaus in which we might currently reside," he said. 

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