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BYU posts advancements in rank for 2005-2006 academic year

Brigham Young University has announced the following faculty advancements in rank for the 2005-2006 academic year:

Biology and Agriculture — Keith A. Crandall and C. Riley Nelson, professor, integrative biology; Oscar A. Pike, professor, nutrition, dietetics and food science; Laura C. Bridgewater, associate professor, microbiology and molecular biology; and Todd F. Robinson, associate professor, integrative biology.

David O. Mckay School of Education — Macleans A. Geo-JaJa, professor, educational leadership and foundations; Nancy McMillan Wentworth, professor, teacher education; David Dwayne Williams, professor, instructional psychology and technology; Roni Jo Draper, associate professor, teacher education; Melissa Allen Heath, associate professor, counseling psychology and special education; and Lee Ann Robinson, associate clinical professor, audiology and speech language pathology.

Engineering and Technology — R. Brent Adams, professor, technology; Larry L. Howell, professor, mechanical engineering; Michael A. Jensen and Richard H. Selfridge, professor, electrical and computer engineering; Jeffery L. Campbell, associate professor, technology; and Michael J. Wirthlin, associate professor, electrical and computer engineering.

Family, Home and Social Sciences — Ralph Brown, professor, sociology; Scott Bradford, associate professor, economics; Jay Goodliffe, associate professor, political science; Ramona Hopkins, associate professor, psychology; Paul E. Kerry, associate professor, history; Jini Roby, associate professor, social work; and Jeffrey M. Shumway, associate professor, history.

Fine Arts and Communications – Steven R. Thomsen, professor, communications; Murray E. Boren, associate professor, music; Paul Broomhead, associate professor, music; Bryon Draper, associate professor, visual arts; and Kevin L. Stoker, associate professor, communications.

Harold B. Lee Library — Shannon Hoffman, senior librarian.

Health And Human Performance — Ray M. Merrill, professor, health science; Mark A. Widmer, professor, recreation management and youth leadership; Jan Jacob Dijkwel, associate professor, dance; Jeffrey Brent Feland, associate professor, exercise sciences; Ramon B. Zabriskie, associate professor, recreation management and youth leadership; Kevin Morris, associate clinical professor, athletics; Patrick Shane, athletic professional, athletics; Susan Nyhus, associate athletic professional, athletics; and Ed Eyestone, assistant athletic professional, athletics.

Howard W. Hunter Law Library – David L. Armond and Steven E. Averett, senior law librarian.

Humanities – Deborah Dean, associate professor, English; Deryle Lonsdale, associate professor, linguistics and English language; Grant H. Lundberg, associate professor, Germanic and Slavic languages; Nicholas Mason, associate professor, English; Zina N. Petersen, associate professor, English; Debra H. Sowell, associate professor, humanities, classics and comparative literature; and Diane Strong-Krause, associate teaching professor, linguistics and English language.

Nursing – Barbara Mandleco, professor; Patricia Ellinger and Eva Stoneman, associate teaching professor.

Physical and Mathematical Sciences — William F. Christensen, associate professor, statistics; John C. Dallon,Scott Alan Glasgow and Xian-Jin Li, associate professor, mathematics; and C. Shane Reese, associate professor, statistics.

Religious Education — Richard N. Holzapfel and Kip Sperry, professor, Church history and doctrine; Daniel K. Judd and Dana M. Pike, professor, ancient scripture; Randy L. Bott, teaching professor, Church history and doctrine; Todd B. Parker, teaching professor, ancient scripture; Cynthia Doxey, associate professor, Church history and doctrine; and Lloyd D. Newell, associate professor, Church history and doctrine.

Marriott School of Management — Steven M. Glover, professor, accountancy and information systems; David B. Whitlark, professor, business management; James C. Brau and Barrett A. Slade, associate professor, business management; and F. Greg Burton, associate professor, accountancy and information systems.

Student Life — Lynne A. Bennion, Steven A. Smith, Marleen Williams and Vaughn E. Worthen, clinical professor, Counseling and Career Center; Michael Kirk Dougher and Julie Elizabeth Preece, associate clinical professor, Counseling and Career Center.

Writer: Brian Rust

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