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President Cecil O. Samuelson welcomed Brigham Young University faculty and staff members back to campus and presented the annual awards during his Annual University Conference address Tuesday, Aug. 27.

John D. Lamb, a professor of chemistry and biochemistry, was given the Karl G. Maeser Distinguished Faculty Lecture Award, the university's highest faculty honor. A widely published and respected inorganic chemist, Lamb was praised as "a university citizen whose interests transcend the narrowly defined areas of a specific discipline." He will present his lecture at a university forum assembly during the 2013-2014 academic year.

Paul R. Behrmann, director of the Budget Office, received the Ben E. Lewis Management Award for administrative employees, and Erva L. Rieske of the Harold B. Lee Library was given the Fred A. Schwendiman Performance Award for staff members.

Other award recipients included:

University Professorship: Michael A. Jensen, electrical and computer engineering.

Alumni Professorship: Tony R. Martinez, computer science.

Karl G. Maeser Excellence in Teaching Award: William F. Christensen, statistics; Paul E. Kerry, history; and Dan A. Ventura, computer science.

Karl G. Maeser Research and Creative Arts Award: Stephen J. Bahr; sociology; William G. Pitt, chemical engineering; and Timothy B. Smith; counseling psychology and special education.

Karl G. Maeser Professional Faculty Excellence Award: Byron R. Merrill, ancient scripture; and Shu-Pei Wang, Asian and Near Eastern languages.

General Education Professorship: C. Riley Nelson, biology.

Abraham O. Smoot Citizenship Award: Andrew C. Skinner, ancient scripture.

Wesley P. Lloyd Award for Distinction in Graduate Education: Melissa Heath, counseling psychology and special education.

Phi Kappa Phi Award: Daniel Maynes, mechanical engineering.

Religious Education Transfer Professor: Donald W. Parry, Asian and Near Eastern languages.

Adjunct Faculty Excellence Award: Robin Hancock, School of Music.

Alcuin Fellowship: Scott B. Cooper, political science; David V. Dearden, chemistry and biochemistry; Matthew E. Mason, history; and Christopher P. Oscarson, humanities, classics, and comparative literature.

Young Scholar Award: Joel S. Griffitts, microbiology and molecular biology; John Sai Keong Kauwe II, microbiology and molecular biology biology; and Patrick Madden, English.

BYU Class of 1949 Young Faculty Award: Christopher A. Mattson, mechanical engineering.

Sponsored Research Recognition Award: Ramona Hopkins, psychology.

Technology Transfer Award: Charles D. Knutson, computer science.

Creative Works Award: Michael D. Bush, humanities; and Harold H. Hendricks,  Humanities Learning Resource Center.

Teaching and Learning Fellowship: Kimberly Johnson, English; Sheri P. Palmer, nursing; Andrew H. Dabczynski, School of Music; Thomas A. Knotts IV, chemical engineering; Todd B. Parker, ancient scripture; and Joseph P. Price IV, economics.

President’s Appreciation Award: Bonnie L. Bennett, educational leadership and foundations; Michael M. Hunter, BYU Broadcasting operations; Rose Ann Jarrett, College of Nursing; Susan H. Mortensen, chemistry and biochemistry; Russell G. Nielson, College of Life  Sciences; Danny R. Olsen, planning and assessment; Brett P. Thomas, School of Music; and Debra VanAusdal, French and Italian languages.