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BYU announces faculty advancements in rank for 2011-2012

Brigham Young University has announced the following faculty advancements in rank, effective Thursday, Sept. 1:

DAVID O. McKAY SCHOOL OF EDUCATION — Roni Jo Draper, professor, teacher education.

IRA A. FULTON COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY — Tracy W. Nelson, professor, and Brian D. Jensen, associate professor, mechanical engineering; Karl F. Warnick and Michael J. Wirthlin, professors, and Neal K. Bangerter, associate professor, electrical and computer engineering; and Brian C. Capt, associate teaching professor, School of Technology.

FAMILY, HOME AND SOCIAL SCIENCES — Catherine A. Burnham, teaching professor, and Jini L. Roby, professor, School of Social Work; James R. Allison, associate professor, anthropology; Andrew L. Johns, associate professor, history; J. Quin Monson, and Jeremy C. Pope, associate professor, political science; David P. Sims, associate professor, economics; Laura Padilla Walker, associate professor, School of Family Life; and Jared S. Warren and Niwako Yamawaki, associate professor, psychology.

FINE ARTS AND COMMUNICATIONS — Bethanne P. Andersen and Mark A. Graham, professor, visual arts; Sherry L. Baker and Thomas E. Robinson, professor, and Christopher Cutri, associate professor, communications; Barta L. Heiner, Rodger D. Sorensen and Timothy A. Threlfall, professor, theatre and media arts; and Shani M. Robison, associate professor, dance.

HUMANITIES — Deborah M. Dean, professor, and Kristin L. Matthews, associate professor, English; Marvin K. Gardner, teaching professor, and Dan P. Dewey and Norman W. Evans, associate professor, linguistics and English language; Yvon R. LeBras, professor, French and Italian; Jennifer Bown and Laura Catharine Smith, associate professor, Germanic and Slavic languages; Nieves Perez Knapp, associate teaching professor, Spanish and Portuguese; and Jarom L. McDonald, associate research professor, Humanities Technology and Research Support Center.

HAROLD B. LEE LIBRARY — Karen A. Griggs, senior librarian, and Jared L. Howland, associate librarian.

LIFE SCIENCES — P. Jeff Maughan, professor, plant and wildlife sciences; Allen C. Parcell, professor, and Bruce W. Bailey and James D. LeCheminant, associate professor, exercise sciences; Russell B. Rader, professor, biology; and Marc D.H. Hansen, associate professor, physiology and developmental biology.

MARRIOTT SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT — Todd V. Mitton, Barrett A. Slade and Keith P. Vorkink, professor, and Brian H. Boyer, associate professor, finance; Scott L. Summers, professor, School of Accountancy; John B. Bingham and David J. Bryce, associate professor, organizational leadership and strategy; and Stacy T. Taniguchi, associate professor, recreation management and youth leadership.

COLLEGE OF NURSING — Sondra S. Heaston, Shelly J. Reed and Ronald S. Ulberg, associate teaching professor.

PHYSICAL AND MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES — Mark J. Clement, professor, and Eric K. Ringger, associate professor, computer science; Robert C. Davis and Gus L. Hart, professor, and Kent L. Gee, associate professor, physics and astronomy; Michael J. Dorff, professor, Mathematics; Daniel E. Austin and Jaron C. Hansen, associate professor, chemistry and biochemistry; Scott J. Hendrickson, associate teaching professor, and Keith R. Leatham, associate professor, mathematics education.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION — Steven C. Harper and Roger Minert, professor, and Alonzo L. Gaskill, associate professor, Church history and doctrine; and Camille Fronk Olson, professor, ancient scripture.

STUDENT LIFE — Mark E. Beecher, clinical professor, and Michael Adams, associate clinical professor, Counseling and Career Center.

For more information about this list, contact the Office of the Associate Academic Vice President for Faculty at (801) 422-3567.

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