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BYU announces advancements in rank for 2008-2009 school year

Brigham Young University has announced the following faculty advancements in rank for the 2008-2009 academic year:

David O. McKay School of Education — Christopher D. Dromey, professor, communication disorders; Clifford T. Mayes, professor, educational leadership and foundations; Timothy B. Smith, professor, counseling psychology and special education; Charles R. Graham, Jr., associate professor, instructional psychology and technology; and Kendra M. Hall and Leigh K. Smith, associate professor, teacher education.

Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology — Aaron R. Hawkins, professor, electrical and computer engineering; E. James Nelson, professor, civil and environmental engineering; Carl D. Sorensen, professor, mechanical engineering; D. Mark Hutchings, associate professor, technology; and Stephen M. Schultz, associate professor, electrical and computer engineering.

Family, Home and Social Sciences — Darren G. Hawkins, professor, political science; Ramona O. Hopkins, professor, psychology; Kevin M. Marett, teaching professor, social work; Matthew S. Holland, associate professor, political science; and Jay H. Buckley and Richard I. Kimball, associate professor, history.

Fine Arts and Communications — R. Steven Call, professor, music; Claudine Bigelow, associate professor, music; Joel J. Campbell, associate teaching professor, communications; Jaren S. Hinckley and Scott L. Holden, associate professor, music; Kelly T. Loosli, associate teaching professor, theatre and media arts; Brad L. Rawlins, associate professor, communications; and Robert J. Walz, associate teaching professor, communications.

Health and Human Performance — Mark Robison, athletic professional, athletics; and Ronald L. Hager, associate professor, exercise sciences.

Humanities — David S. Eddington, professor, linguistics and English language; Mara L. Garcia and Dale J. Pratt, professor, Spanish and Portuguese; Dirk A. Elzinga, associate professor, linguistics and English language; Sirpa T. Grierson and Danette Paul, associate professor, English; Michael R. Kelly, associate professor, Germanic and Slavic languages; and Cecilia M. Peek, associate professor, humanities, classics and comparative literature.

Harold B. Lee Library — C. Jeffrey Belliston, Russell Taylor, and Allyson Washburn, senior librarian; and J. Gordon Daines, associate librarian.

Howard W. Hunter Law Library — Galen L. Fletcher, senior law librarian.

Life Sciences — Eric N. Jellen, professor, plant and wildlife sciences; Diana L. McGuire, teaching professor, nutrition, dietetics and food science; and Byron J. Adams, associate professor, microbiology and molecular biology.

Marriott School of Management — S. Thomas Foster, professor, business management; and W. Gerard Sanders, professor, organizational leadership and strategy.

Physical and Mathematical Sciences — Justin B. Peatross, professor, physics and astronomy; Matthew C. Asplund, Steven L. Castle and Eric T. Sevy, associate professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Brooks B. Britt, associate professor, geological sciences; Branton J. Campbell, associate professor, physics and astronomy; Eric G. Mercer and Kevin D. Seppi, associate professor, Computer Science; and Kenneth J. Rodham, associate teaching professor, computer science.

Religious Education — Craig J. Ostler and Matthew O. Richardson, professor, Church history and doctrine; and Eric D. Huntsman, associate professor, ancient scripture.

Student Life — Dianne Lindley Nielsen, associate clinical professor, Counseling and Career Center.

For more information on this list, contact James R. Rasband at (801) 422-3567.

Writer: Angela Fischer

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