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BYU seeks to develop students of faith, intellect, and character. In addition to teaching classes, most BYU professors also conduct research in their academic field. Students – even at the undergraduate level – participate in research and publish their work alongside a faculty mentor. Here are the stories of what they discover together.

Jonathan Jarvis BYU

With youth hockey teams being organized by age groups, the idea has persisted that kids born earlier in a year have a greater athletic advantage than kids born later in the year. BYU researchers show a trend reversal happening.

Using brain data, eye-tracking data and field-study data, a group of BYU researchers have confirmed something about our interaction with security warnings on computers and phones: the more we see them, the more we tune them out.

Randal Beard BYU Forum Address

Randal Beard, professor of Electrical Engineering and the recipient of BYU’s Karl G. Maeser Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Award, delivered the Forum address on Tuesday. He discussed the technology in autonomous vehicles and how he anticipates the field progressing in the future.

Adam Durfee in the lab

BYU's new digitial and social media agency has students completing real-world work for such clients as Pepsi Co. and Subaru.

Management professor Curtis LeBaron is an expert in analyzing video recordings of human behavior, specifically using those skills to help organizations pinpoint the onset of problems or successes.

Daniel Ess and Doo-Hyun Kwon

New research from a BYU and Chevron Phillips team could help open doors to tackle “grand challenges in catalysis chemistry.”

Kaden Larson

At the tender age of two, Larson was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Doctors prescribed any activity that would keep Larson’s fingers in motion: finger painting, Play-Doh and piano.

Jared Blanchard was a team lead in the Mars Rover competition

Jared Blanchard will represent the graduates as the student speaker at BYU’s Commencement exercises this month. Like many of his fellow classmates, he has accomplished a lot during his time at BYU.


He's run four 100-milers, including one in Alaska's sub-zero temps. In July, he'll take on the world's toughest footrace: 135 miles through Death Valley.

Hannah Bonner in Rock Canyon

While at BYU, Hannah Bonner led the BYU Mars Rover science team, published a book with maps of prehistoric Utah, studied landslide risks near the Three Gorges Dam in China and researched toxic algae blooms in Utah Lake.