Stories from Title IX:

Sandra Rogers, Jan Scharman, Ben Ogles and Julie Valentine

BYU will gather vital information that will guide its efforts to create a safer campus. Dr. Ben Ogles answers questions about this upcoming survey. 


Tiffany Turley has been named as the university’s new Title IX coordinator. Additionally, Lisa M. Leavitt has been named as a full-time advocate for victims of sexual assault.

Title IX Coordinator and Victim Advocate

Tiffany Turley, the university’s Title IX coordinator, and Lisa M. Leavitt, BYU's victim advocate, discuss their new roles and how BYU can best assist and support its students.  

Vice President Scharman talked with University Communications’ Natalie Tripp about the council’s deliberations and some of the key outcomes. 

The President’s Council has reviewed and accepted all recommendations from the Advisory Council, including the creation of a victim advocate position in the counseling center and the adoption of an amnesty clause.


The BYU Advisory Council on Campus Response to Sexual Assault is concluding its study and preparing a final report with recommendations that will be sent to the President and President’s Council.

Clinical psychologist Dr. David Lisak (who was interviewed in Jon Krakauer’s Missoula and The Hunting Ground doc) lent his expertise to BYU. Here, he talks about what he said. 

Administration Building

BYU learned Thursday, August 4, that the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is adding the university to its list of more than 200 postsecondary institutions under investigation.

Administration Building

As part of BYU’s efforts to study and improve the university’s sexual assault reporting process and structure under Title IX, BYU has launched a website to obtain feedback on matters related to sexual assault. 

Biking at BYU

Editor's Note: The following message was emailed to all BYU students, faculty and staff on Thursday, May 19.