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Stories from technology:

BYU is one of the top five universities in the country for turning research discoveries into new technology, products and companies, according to a report released today.

It's not often you get to present concepts to a global company with more than $2.6 billion in operating revenue, but for BYU industrial design students, it's just part of class.

Professor Bonnie Brinton Anderson delivered the devotional address Tuesday afternoon. She gave five tips on how to improve computer security behavior, and how those tips parallel the ways we can improve our spiritual behavior.

A group of BYU students has devised an innovative technological device to keep you and your fellow outdoor enthusiasts in touch while in nature: A tiny two-way radio that connects to your phone or headphones via Bluetooth.

BYU researchers Cameron Lister and Josh West analyzed more than 2,000 health and fitness apps and found that the majority of the most popular and widely used apps feature gamification.

Flexing his big biceps puts an end to any teasing Ryan Strobehn gets for being on the cheerleading squad. According to a new student research project, most men in predominantly female majors feel compelled to amplify their ambitions. With mentoring from Professor Ben Gibbs, sociology major Martha Shepard and three classmates studied "major minorities" – students who are a gender minority in their major. The College of Family, Home and Social Sciences named their work the top student research project in sociology this year.

BYU engineer Dah-Jye Lee has created an algorithm that can accurately identify objects in images or video sequences without human calibration.

Couples shouldn’t let their thumbs do the talking when it comes to serious conversations, disagreements or apologies.

In perhaps their most ambitious idea yet, this year the Splash Lab took on the task of teaching hundreds of Utah school children how to build and operate robots that can navigate under water.