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Stories from space:

Pluto dunes

An international team of scientists have discovered a series of dunes on Pluto — a finding that indicates the planet's surface is younger and more dynamic than previously thought.

Understanding more about KELT-16b, though it’s “as different from Earth as you could possibly get,” might ultimately give scientists a better understanding of our own planet.

BYU Chemistry Professor Daniel Austin

Smashing into a solid wall at 670 miles per hour doesn’t even leave a mark.

BYU Chemistry professor Daniel Austin and his graduate students are learning just how hard it can be to kill bacteria.

Jani Radebaugh

Jani Radebaugh discovered a mountain nearly as tall as Mt. Timpanogos on Saturn's largest moon, adding to a string of recent discoveries that show Titan is the most earth-like object in the solar system. 

A new study of NASA’s safety climate coauthored by BYU professor Peter Madsen finds that recognition of near-misses events goes up when the significance of a project is emphasized, and when organizational leaders emphasize safety relative to other goals (like efficiency).

BYU engineering PhD Shannon Zirbel has earned a NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship, an academic award worth up to $198,000 that is propelling her research straight to the cosmos.