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Stories from politics:

Scroll through Twitter or watch an NFL game and you’ll quickly remember we live in a time of unprecedented political polarization. According to BYU researchers, politicians’ penchant for violent language isn’t helping.

Professor Jessica Preece

Professor Jessica Preece has authored several new studies that show how women respond to efforts recruiting them to run for political office. 

Editorial endorsements of presidential candidates have been a long-standing tradition for many newspapers, but new research shows a substantial shift in how the endorsements have changed throughout the last 50 years.

The trend for school boards to post their meeting minutes online gave a pair of scholars the chance to answer this question: Who’s doing all the talking?  

Things often get ugly in the comments that follow political news, but research based on reader comments in Utah suggests that anti-immigrant sentiment is on the decline.

New experiments in group decision making show that having a seat at the table is very different than having a voice.

U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman told a BYU forum audience Tuesday that America is a faith-based initiative and "anybody who tries to separate faith from the public square is doing something unnatural and ultimately bad for our country."

Not so long ago Wikipedia was considered a playground for Capitol Hill staffers to game the system and make “the boss look better and the opponent look ridiculous.”

People who closely follow both political blogs and traditional news media tend to believe the content on blogs is more accurate, according to research by a Brigham Young University political scientist.