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Stories from competition:

Journey App

Journaling app "Journey" beat out more than 25 other student-made mobile apps (with everything from games to social media apps) to win the BYU Mobile App Competition.

One of the 2014 SIOY winners is Kiband, a wearable Bluetooth technology that notifies parents when a child has wandered too far away by sounding an alarm.

A group of tech-savvy BYU students are trying to turn the nature of smartphone games on its head: Instead of playing in isolation, they’ve created a game that facilitates face-to-face interaction.

The latest winners of the Marriott School’s Mobile App Competition created a gaming app that recreates the experience of playing card games with friends, using technology to replace the cards.

The BYU Ballroom Dance Company earned first place and a standing ovation at the prestigious British Championships in Blackpool, England. Read about how a group of engineering students were key contributors.

BYU engineering students are creating a Batman-like device that shoots from a firearm and pulls a person vertically in the air as much as 90 feet for a Capstone project that will be presented in an Air Force Research Lab competition.

What if star students got the same treatment as star athletes?