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Stories from college:

While going to an elite, selective university may mean higher potential earnings for some majors, BYU researchers found that for the majority, there is little difference.

A new study of high school activities bears this message for incoming high school students: Play what the smart kids play.

In contrast to some convoluted ways to rank universities, a group of economists recently published a refreshingly simple method: Watch where the nation’s top high school students choose to enroll.

Whether you call it the Flutie Effect or the Jimmer Bump, a banner year in NCAA men’s basketball or football is followed by a flood of prospective students.

While you’ve heard of the “mom and dad scholarship,” new research clears up some of the mystery about the number and scope of these grants given to today’s college students from their parents.

A new study in the Journal of American College Health finds that students placed by their universities in coed housing are 2.5 times more likely to binge drink each week than students placed in all-male or all-female housing.