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Provo: The #CityOfStarts

Provo offers a rising downtown, extensive outdoor recreation, a vibrant music scene and more. At its heart, Provo is a place of beginnings. It's where people meet, collaborate and make big decisions that create a start. Businesses, relationships, careers, and families all start here.

Y-Facts 7

65% of students speak a second language 126 languages spoken on campus 58 languages taught regularly Certifications available in 10 languages

Y-Facts 6

#1 Accounting program #1 Best university to work for #1 Best-value private law school  #2 Undergraduate entrepreneurship #3 Graduates with least debt

Y-Facts 4

U.S./International + other: 94/6% Countries represented: 100+ States Represented: 50 Utah: 35% California: 11% Idaho: 5% Texas: 5% Arizona: 5%