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Name: Brianna Magnusson

BYU employee since... 2011

My job at BYU is... Associate Professor: teacher, researcher and meeting attender

Currently, I’m working... with a group of faculty in the public health department trying to understand how we can use the strengths of the family unit in promoting the public’s health.  

My parent’s divorce changed the way I view myself, because over several years I learned so much about who I was and what I wanted my life to be.  

When I tell people I work for BYU, they often say... "What do you teach?"

Students don’t think I notice... that for the most part, they are trying really hard. 

What makes teaching the greatest job in the world is... It’s the hardest job in the world but getting to know my students as people makes it worth it. 

A smart, successful, female professor who pushed me ...sparked my interest in my field. 

I chose to come to BYU because... I wanted to teach and I wanted to be at a university that valued students. BYU allows me to teach while also pursuing research, and to make decisions about teaching, research, curriculum, etc. with the student at the center.

The title of my autobiography would be... “Life is Hard, but We’re Doing Okay”

On Saturday mornings you’ll find me... snuggling with my husband and puppies. 

My fondest memory from my childhood was when... I was 10 and 12, my two youngest brothers were born at home. I remember my dad bringing them each down to my room minutes after they were born so I could meet them. I was the third person (after my mom and dad) to meet those little boys.