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Sridhar Tayur, research chair and professor at Carnegie Mellon University, will present an address, “Applying Math, Saving Lives,” at an event sponsored by the Brigham Young University Department of Mathematics Tuesday, Jan. 22, at 4 p.m. in 301 Talmage Building on the BYU campus.

He will speak on the connections between mathematical models and their application in industry as well as how American-run industries can best combat Chinese competition.

Tayur will also present a workshop on launching high-tech companies titled “Bringing Advanced Analytics to the Market” Tuesday at 1 p.m., also in 301 Talmage Building.

Both events are free, and the public is welcome to attend.

In addition to holding a position at Carnegie Mellon and founding the software company, Smart Ops Corporation, Tayur is the founder of OrganJet Corporation, which helps dying kidney patients receive new kidneys in a faster and more effective way. Tayur implemented the idea of using private jets provided by tax-refundable charities to take kidney patients to hospitals around the United States the moment that a kidney becomes available.

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Writer: Hwa Lee