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BYU seeks to develop students of faith, intellect, and character. In addition to teaching classes, most BYU professors also conduct research in their academic field. Students – even at the undergraduate level – participate in research and publish their work alongside a faculty mentor. Here are the stories of what they discover together.

Daniel Kay

A recent study by BYU psychology professor Daniel Kay suggests a dysfunction in the inhibition process could be what causes those with insomnia to have a hard time fully falling asleep.

Amy Cuddy

Dr. Amy Cuddy, social psychologist, author and lecturer, delivered yesterday’s BYU Forum address. She spoke about increasing feelings of power by being more present in stressful situations. She explained that body language, especially power-posing, helps to increase power.

A new study coauthored by BYU public management professor Robert Christensen finds new nonprofits can still thrive but they need to be started under the right market conditions.

the set of singlewide

Hailed as one of the 10 Best Broadway shows of 2015, “Single Wide” is coming home to BYU for its debut as a fully-staged production.

Orkin Man ad

With a video one judge called "so genius," BYU students beat out 500 other submissions to nab top prize at the ANDY awards.

Gil Fellingham

Using more than 100 years of MLB data, BYU researchers developed a home-run prediction model for current players.

Clifton Fleming and Gladriel Shobe in an aisle of the law library

Clifton Fleming and Gladriel Shobe have rocketed to the top of the field of tax law, ranking in the top 20 for most-downloaded scholarly articles. 

Dr. Dhanurjay “DJ” Patil shared how much good can be accomplished with an understanding of data science and sharing information at Tuesday’s BYU Forum. He shared many examples of how analyzing databases helped people, communities and the nation.

Most people agree that getting a little exercise helps when dealing with stress. A new BYU study discovers exercise under stress also helps protect your memory.

Jason Carroll

Researchers in BYU's School of Family Life have provided more insight into what may be one of the roots of the dissatisfaction caused by materialism – a diminished view of the importance of marriage itself.