Final Exams

All Day

Check MyMap (Register > Under 'Winter 2017', see Final Exam Schedule) and your course syllabi to see the dates, times and places of your final exams. If you've got Testing Center finals, find the location of your finals and see the line conditions at Here are the Testing Center hours:

  • Fri-Wed, April 21-26 (except Sunday)
  • Open: 8 am
  • Last test handed out: 9 pm
  • Close: 10 pm
  • Religion Test Location Exception: On Wed, April 26 only, the last test handed out in 3220 WSC will be at 4 pm, and this location will close at 5 pm.

Pro Tip: Avoid longer wait times. The Testing Center is less crowded and the lines are shorter early in the day and the earlier part of finals week.