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Stories from women:

Eva Witesman speaks at BYU Devotional

Eva Witesman, associate professor in the Marriott School of Management, delivered this week’s devotional address about the importance of obtaining education in preparation for the future God sees in all of His children.

Professor Jessica Preece

Professor Jessica Preece has authored several new studies that show how women respond to efforts recruiting them to run for political office. 

The trend for school boards to post their meeting minutes online gave a pair of scholars the chance to answer this question: Who’s doing all the talking?  

Taylor Jacoby’s journey from Provo to the villages of Uganda just landed the Brigham Young University student a national award in political science.

New experiments in group decision making show that having a seat at the table is very different than having a voice.

A trio of students from BYU’s communication department can call themselves some of the best college female broadcasters in the nation after winning 2010 Gracie Awards.

A new study finds female college students more accepting of pornography than their fathers, suggesting the rise of Internet porn may be creating a generational shift that encompasses both genders.