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Stories from Title IX:

BYU campus Spring 2018

Brigham Young University has now addressed the 23 recommendations put forward by the Advisory Council on Campus Response to Sexual Assault a year and a half ago and has approved its updated sexual misconduct policy.

Lisa Leavitt is BYU's sexual assault survivor advocate

In an effort to clarify purpose and better meet the needs of students on campus, Brigham Young University is updating the title of victim advocate to sexual assault survivor advocate.

Lindsay Orchowski

Lindsay Orchowski of Brown University consulted with BYU in the development of its campus climate survey and shared her reaction to the survey results.

A view of campus from the mountain

BYU has completed and published its report on a survey conducted earlier this year about incidents of sexual misconduct, awareness of resources for victims and perceptions of the campus on this issue.

BYU Campus

Brigham Young University has formalized its amnesty policy, following a recommendation made by the Advisory Council on Campus Response to Sexual Assault in October.

Being a victim of Sexual Misconduct is never a violation of the CES Honor Code.

Amy Wilson with Tom Holmoe and Liz Darger

BYU’s President Kevin J Worthen and Athletic Director Tom Holmoe recently invited Amy Wilson, director of the NCAA’s Inclusion office, to campus to speak with different groups of students and employees. 

Spring at BYU

The Advisory Council on Campus Response to Sexual Assault made 23 recommendations in its completed study. BYU has completed many of the recommendations. Some are in progress and some are ongoing. 

Sandra Rogers, Jan Scharman, Ben Ogles and Julie Valentine

BYU will gather vital information that will guide its efforts to create a safer campus. Dr. Ben Ogles answers questions about this upcoming survey. 


Tiffany Turley has been named as the university’s new Title IX coordinator. Additionally, Lisa M. Leavitt has been named as a full-time advocate for victims of sexual assault.