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Stories from SIOY:

They’ve created a device that attaches to the motor on automatic doors so that they open automatically as a wheelchair user approaches. Wheelchair users need only download an accompanying smartphone app

BYU's 2017 Student Innovator of the Year created a lightweight insulator that covers hammocks for cold-evening camping.

Student entrepreneurs have come up with a way to put a penny behind every "like" on the Internet.


One of the 2014 SIOY winners is Kiband, a wearable Bluetooth technology that notifies parents when a child has wandered too far away by sounding an alarm.

BYU's Student Innovator of the Year Competition brought out new ideas on rapid home construction, how to get a free lunch, and measuring concussions in football.

Student innovator Jacob Colvin and a team created a baby monitor that alerts parents if an infant’s heart rate significantly drops as it sleeps.