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Stories from Physical and Mathematical Sciences:

BYU chemistry professor with microscope

New BYU research presents a technique that could help treat African sleeping sickness, which impacts millions in sub-Saharan Africa and — in its late stages — can be fatal.

beat boxers game image

With their genre-bending "Beat Boxers," BYU animation students take the top prize at E3's College Game Competition.  

Pluto dunes

An international team of scientists have discovered a series of dunes on Pluto — a finding that indicates the planet's surface is younger and more dynamic than previously thought.

Daniel Ess and Doo-Hyun Kwon

New research from a BYU and Chevron Phillips team could help open doors to tackle “grand challenges in catalysis chemistry.”


A team of computer science students is one of eight selected to compete in Amazon’s Alexa Prize Challenge. They were given a $250,000 grant and tasked with programming a bot who can hold a conversation on a range of popular topics.

Gil Fellingham

Using more than 100 years of MLB data, BYU researchers developed a home-run prediction model for current players.

Michael Dorff

As president of the Math Association of America, BYU's Math Department chair is committed to sharing the joy of math with undergrads across the country.

Jacob Crandall

BYU researchers developed an algorithm that teaches machines not just to win games, but to cooperate and compromise — and sometimes do a little trash-talking too.

Joseph Moody

In December 2016, what appears on digital telescopic images to be a star among stars became around 250 times brighter than usual.

messenger security

Researchers at BYU have learned that most users of popular messaging apps are leaving themselves exposed to hacking and fraud because they aren’t using important security options.